Spotify FAQ

How do I upgrade?

Upgrading is a very simple process! Purchase an upgrade key from the pricing page, you will receive it on your email (Purchase details email from Shoppy), then visit our upgrade page, enter your key, Spotify account details and select your country from the dropdown menu and then press upgrade. Make sure that the Spotify accounts country matches the one you chose. Everything is automatic!

I get an error while upgrading, what to do?

Clear your browsers cookies & cache, if you can't do that, just switch your browser.

My country is not on the list can I still use this service?

Yes. You need to register a new account on Spotify or change your account's region using a VPN and then upgrade it. We recommend ExpressVPN. It's free to use. After that you can use the account normally.

Is this really lifetime?

Our lifetime warranty is as long our website and servers are up and running.

What are the payment methods available?

We currently accept PayPal and Cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Ethereum.

Is this safe?

100% safe! We make sure of it, no hassle for you, seamless upgrade process. None of the login data is saved. You can change your password after upgrading.

What if my Spotify Premium disappears?

Open a ticket in our Discord server. You can find it under contacts.

When I click upgrade, nothing happens.

Try changing your browser. Use Google Chrome for the best experience.

I'm getting "Error: Attempts exceed set amount."

If the stock of the country you're trying to upgrade in is below 10, it usually is buggy and starts throwing errors, I'd advise to try again at a later time when there is more stock.
If there is lots of stock and you're still gettng the error, keep retrying to upgrade, that usually fixes the problem.